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Case study: The Create-IN project

OEE interviewed Tanja Stjepanovič, Director of the Prava poteza Institute. Tanja was the Project Coordinator for Create-IN – a project whose aim was to help creative young people to showcase their work and skills on the job market. The Create-IN project was distinguished by the European Commission as a success story and a good practice example.

Could you tell us about the Prava poteza Institute?

The Prava poteza Institute is an organisation that develops ICT solutions for e-learning and e-health and it also offers specialist training and management support. We also advise local authorities and private or public organisations in the fields of e-learning and e-health.

How did the idea of Create-IN come about? Who were your partners in this project?

In Slovenia there are 2,600 hairdressing salons whose employers would be happy to check the work and skills of candidates, before inviting them to a personal presentation. The same applies to creative occupations abroad (hairdressers, fashion designers, etc.). That is why we thought it is important for jobseekers to know how to present their work and knowledge through an e-portfolio that is accessible to potential employers.

The aim of the Create-IN web tool is to offer young creative people a modern, interactive and user-friendly e-portfolio to help them to demonstrate their work to potential employers through videos and photographs. The project also offers employers a simple way to find new employees.

We worked with:

What is the value of e-portfolios for students and jobseekers?

E-portfolios provide a full picture of the candidate, including activities, achievements, education, and aspirations in the areas in which they participate and co-create. They can include photos of their own creations, videos, and material that defines them through their activities, work and creativity. E-portfolios can be completely free and unconventional, allowing a personal touch, and are not limited to just listing a résumé. A good e-portfolio can give a winning first impression in recruitment and allow multimedia presentations, so employers can accurately assess the candidate’s creative ability.

What challenges did you face during the project implementation?

Some of the biggest challenges that we faced included motivating students to write their own e-portfolios, gathering the project partners and inspiring future employers to start seeing the e-portfolio as a valid job application and reference. 

What is your best memory from the project?

If I have to pick just one, it would definitely be the fun that we had while shooting the promo video, where everyone worked together and created something special. It was a good growing experience for us. Another unforgettable memory was visiting the project partners in the UK and the Netherlands.

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