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The WIHEA #knowhow project

The Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA) #knowhow project involved a small team of staff and students collaborating as co-researchers. The team was responsible for catalysing discussions on campus about how to use open educational practices.

Here we are sharing the outputs of the 4-month (April-July) project so that others interested in similar awareness-raising activities can find resources and maybe even inspiration.

Open educational practices (OEP) are complex, involving a series of challenging personal decisions about how and where to be professionally visible online. For those who were uncomfortable with technology or unsure about their choices of tools the project aimed to provide resources and community through a safe space for experimentation. 

A Mahara collection provides the full range of activities, research and feedback from the project. 

The WIHEA project page outlines the WIHEA project, linking to the project blog. 

The project made extensive use of social media (#wihea #knowhow) to connect with the wider community and to capture the interest shown. Video resources are also available on an open gallery. The project team investigated the current use of social media on campus and awarded physical badges to those increasing their impact through open practice. One of the outputs of the project was also a set of digital open badges with recommendations for how these could be incorporated into staff or student activities, providing recognition of active management of professional online digital identity. A set of webpages is available on our Learning and Development site.

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