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BT Digital Logbook


"BT digital logbook will do more for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)".


"TVET is an important aspect of national development for economic growth, technological breakthrough and entrepreneurship.  This statement is widely acknowledged as correct among TVET experts world over. The development of skills market is the objective of vocational education and this should be well grounded in the school curriculum.  However, there is a disconnect between school knowledge and industry experiences. It is at this point that logbook use is important for bridging the gaps between knowledge gained within the four walls of a classroom and four walls of an industry.  Students on industrial training (IT) are deployed to industries and this may not have to be a manufacturing plant alone but it could be a hospital’s surgical theater, engineering workshop, carpentry department, a dental clinic or surgery, or a dental or medical laboratory. These are examples of places for industrial training for people who need to gain technical skills to gain the experiences required for ‘superior’ skills. It is a common knowledge that colleges use paper logbook for students to make daily entries of experiences gained under the supervision of industry supervisors by description and drawings. This is a serious limitation for representing learning experiences considering the myriad of opportunities provided by the present technology era.  To make full use of technology BT logbook is an imperative in this regards. Skill development follows a gradual process of acquisition of manual dexterity and this is better represented in more ways e.g. by video clips than by writing and drawing which is what is possible with the present paper based logbook.

A digital logbook like BT logbook (Blog+Twitter=digital logbook) will do more and afford the students more opportunities for representing their experiences in more detailed ways such  that supervisors could follow the progress made and be able to offer help from time to time".

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