Mon 12th March 2018 - 16:35

The Open Education Europa website is winding down

Open Education Europa (OEE) was launched in September 2013 to support the European Commission's policy communication on Opening up Education.

After nearly five years, we have taken the decision to wind down the OEE site. Its original aims have been achieved: in 2018 digital and innovative education is no longer a niche topic; instead, it is one of the most discussed issues in education policy at national level and through a dedicated European Digital Education Action Plan. In particular, the concept and practice of open education have become more widely known and today they are a part of national and institutional strategies in many countries. Of course, the topics of open, innovative and digital education will continue to be important elements of the European Commission's policy on education.

We thank you for your interest and engagement on Open Education Europa over the past years and encourage you to explore the many on- and offline communities available to take your ideas and discussions further. You may be particularly interested to explore the other websites maintained by the European Commission, which aim to help you learn more, get inspired, build connections and projects, or help your institution take its next steps:

  • eTwinning is a large online community of teachers and a testbed of innovation through virtual exchanges between schools around Europe and in neighbouring countries.
  • School Education Gateway promotes digital and other innovative practices in European schools and supports teachers with online resources and tools, including MOOCs for their professional development.
  • EPALE offers online resources and tools for adult learning professionals, as well as access to communities of practice and collaborative spaces for sharing ideas and discussing best practices.
  • The European Commission-OECD tool HEInnovate supports Higher Education institutions to reflect on their innovation capacity. For schools, the new SELFIE tool is under development.
  • The European Commission’s own education and training website will be updated and redesigned in the coming months.

Thank you,

The European Commission and the Open Education Europa team.

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