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Teachers as Leaders of Change Suggestions from the Open Discovery Space project large-scale implementation

Training approaches based on teacher networks and the exchange of good practices have emerged as viable alternatives to traditional instructional or seminar-based models. 

Following this major shift, ‘Open Discovery Space’ adopts technologies and methods that include appropriate and flexible training units, reaching a network of 3,000 schools and 8,000 teachers.

This paper describes the innovation model behind the specific initiative and approach for engaging schools and teachers all over Europe, as well as the tools for supporting them in order to embed technology-enhanced learning within a wider school development plan, as well as to design and implement innovative educational activities. Moreover, the paper describes the methodology for organising a set of change management workshops for teachers of pilot schools currently acting as change agents. It also presents the results of the 38 workshops that took place in 19 European countries and concludes to a set of recommendations on the first indications of the gradual change processes brought about in the pilot schools, which can be used both in order to support and validate the Innovation model of this initative, as well as to be exploited by other projects and initiatives dealing with school innovation and e-learning application.


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