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OEB MidSummit

Leading experts. New trends and technologies in learning. World-class ICT and research. A dramatic setting where Europe meets America. Midsummer...

In June 2017, OEB will travel to Iceland for ‘MidSummit’ - a new event for experts, thinkers and innovators. Surrounded by fells, fjords and geysers, we’ll be talking about tomorrow’s learning under the light of the midnight sun....

‘MidSummit’ is a chance to see the future and help shape it with some of the world’s most inspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs. It’s an opportunity to take part in a discussion about extending the reach of possibility....

Meeting. Showing. Sharing. Talking. Learning. Understanding. Creating. Producing....

‘MidSummit’ is about a new engagement between colleagues and friends in a unique environment where anything is possible. It’s about a chance to engage with the future of learning in a country that has already begun to shape it....

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